This article is part of Report Subscriptions and covers deactivating Users that are Report Subscription Owners. 

When a User that is an owner of a Report Subscription is being deactivated, the Report Subscription must be deleted or changed to a new owner. If a Report Subscription is owned by an Inactive User, the Report will receive an error and will not send.

Deactivating Users that Own Report Subscriptions

When someone that is a Report Subscription Owner is marked as inactive, the system will prompt a notification about the subscription ownership. Changes must be made to the Report Subscription before continuing. 

1) Status - Shows the Report Subscription's current status. This status will either be labeled as 'Active' or 'Inactive'

2) Subscription Name - The name of the Report Subscription given at creation

3) Report - The type of Report that is being generated for the Subscription

4) Recipients - All the Users that receive the Report Subscription

5) Last Sent - The date and time that this Report was last sent

6) Delete - Click to Delete the Report Subscription. This will remove the Subscription from the list immediately

  • Note: 'Delete' should be used when the entire Report Subscription is no longer needed

7) Change Owner - Click the dropdown to select a New Report Subscription Owner

  • Note: If a New Owner is selected, the Report will be generated from the account of the New Owner

Once every Report Subscription has been deleted or changed to a new owner, the User can click 'Submit Changes' to proceed with the deactivation.