We know you have questions, and we're here to help. This page contains many of the commonly asked questions regarding year-end procedures, deadlines, and W-2s.

What are final payroll submission dates for 2022?

Payroll TypeSubmission Date(s)Deadline
Payrolls without Direct DepositDec. 22nd - Dec. 23rd12:00 PM CST
Payrolls with Direct Deposit
Dec. 22nd - Dec. 23rd 
Dec. 28th - Dec. 30th 
3:00 PM CST
Payrolls with Net Pay Rec
Dec. 28th - Dec. 30th
3:00 PM CST
Payrolls that do not require a prior day draftDec. 30th
Outstanding Prepays and VoidsDec. 28th - Dec. 30thAutomatically Posted

When will W-2s be Printed & Shipped?

  • W-2s are only printed and shipped after they have been approved. W-2s must be reviewed and approved through the  User will have the option to select their Organization's preference for receiving W-2s. Users can either select to print their own W-2s or have their W-2s printed and mailed to them at that time.


Are W-3s mailed with W-2s?

  • The W-3s are not shipped with W-2s, they will need to be pulled from the DocVault.


Can R365 mail W-2s directly to Employee’s? 

  • No. All W-2s and 1099s are shipped directly to the employer so that the employer can verify all W-2s were received and have the correct address before mailing to the employees.


Will customers be able to remotely print W-2s? 

  • Yes, if remote printing is selected and saved, the Form Status on the Year-End Dashboard will be updated to 'Ready to Print: Click here to print your forms' when they are processed.

W-2 Tax Forms will be printed in the following manner:

  • W-2s will print on standard 8.5" x 11" paper
  • The lines and boxes will print on the paper with the corresponding information
  • The printed W-2s will fit in a standard #10 envelope
  • Each W-2 will be two pages, including the Employee instructions

Where can customers access Tax forms? 

  • All Tax Forms can be accessed, reviewed, edited, and approved before the Key 2022 Deadlines from the Year-End Dashboard. If an issue is found while reviewing Tax Forms, they should be rejected, and the issue should be documented. 
    • Note: Rejecting forms will cause all manual edits to be lost, even if they were saved on each individual form. Therefore, it is recommended to review all forms for incorrect entries made outside of each form's editable fields.

How can W-2s and /or 1099s be corrected/adjusted?

  • W-2s and/or 1099s can be corrected/adjusted by submitting a Help Center Request with the following information:
    • Employee Name
    • Employee Number
    • Employee Type (W-2/1099)
    • Correction Required
      • Note: If correcting an amount, we will need the amount of the correction and the income/deduction that needs to be adjusted or the specific boxes in which amounts need to be increased/lowered.

Is box 12 being calculated automatically or imported on the W-2?

  • If your organization is not withholding Employee amounts and tracking the Employer amount on the applicable deduction, then the information for Box 12 should be manually uploaded. This information is required for ACA reporting.

    Ensure to review all Employee W-2s for any issues outside of editable fields before importing Box 12 Health Amounts. When forms are rejected, all manual updates will be lost.

    Note: Aggregated Health Amounts can be tracked by entering in the Employee and Employer contributions per pay period for the Scheduled Deduction on the Employee record. This will be automatically tracked throughout the year and added to the W2 without the need to update via import for the upcoming year.


What are deadlines for Tax Forms? 

  • All W-2 &1099 forms need to be approved by January 10th no later than Noon CST.


Can Clients opt not to withhold any taxes from S-Corp Health Entries 

  • Clients can opt not to withhold any taxes from S-Corp Health Entries (The employee would still be responsible for any applicable Federal and State Withholding).