This article reviews the Paycheck Run Details sidesheet that is part of Paycheck Runs for R365 Payroll. Here, Users can review the details for the selected Paycheck Run and print the Paychecks and Paystubs contained in the Paycheck Run. 

The Paycheck Run Details sidesheet can be opened by clicking on either a 'Pending' or 'Past' Paycheck Run listed on the Paycheck Runs page

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Paycheck Run Header

1) Status - Indicates the status of the entire Paycheck Run. Does not indicate the status of individual checks within the Paycheck Run.

  • Partially Paid- Paychecks within the Paycheck Run have not been printed or submitted for printing through 'Print & Ship'
    • Note: For Paycheck Runs with the 'Type' of 'In House', this status indicates that at least one, but not all, Paychecks have been printed
  • Released - The Paycheck Run has been sent for printing through 'Print & Ship'
  • Paid - All Paychecks have been printed either manually or through 'Print & Ship'

2) Action Menu - Contains the following print options:

  • Print Checks - Manually prints all included Paychecks. Learn more about manually printing Paychecks here.
    • Note: This option is not available after Paychecks have been successfully printed.

  • Print Paystubs - Manually prints all included Paystubs.

  • Submit Checks - Submits Paychecks for printing offsite through Print & Ship
    • Note: This option is only available if Print & Ship is enabled and Paychecks have not already been printed.

    • Note: The submission deadline for checks to be shipped the next day is 9:00 am MST. When 'Submit Checks' is clicked between 9:00 am and 11:00 am MST, an option to request expedited printing will be displayed.

  • Delete - Delete the Paycheck Run and all associated checks and unapproved Journal Entries. The associated Pay Run will be available for selection when manually creating a new Paycheck Run.
    • Note: Approved Journal Entries will not be deleted. Approved Journal Entries must be manually unapproved and deleted after the Paycheck Run is deleted.

    • Note: Direct deposit amounts will not be reversed.

    • Note: This option is not displayed if checks have been submitted for printing through Print & Ship.  

3) Paycheck / Paystub - Indicates the number of Paychecks and Paystubs contained in the Paycheck Run

4) Payment Total - Total payment amount for all Paychecks and Paystubs

5) Balances - Before and after balances of the Bank Account associated with Payroll

6) Bank Account - Bank Account used

7) Legal Entity/Location - Legal Entity associated with the Paycheck Run

8) Location - Location associated with the Paycheck Run. Only displayed when Payroll Clearing is by Location.

9) Date - The date that will be printed on Paychecks. It is recommended to update this date before printing checks by clicking 'Edit', then selecting the appropriate pay date. 

  • Note: This date cannot be changed once any Paychecks within the Paycheck Run are printed.

10) Journal Entries - Click to view the Payroll Journal Entries and Funding Journal Entries linked to the Paycheck Run

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Payroll Journal Entries & Funding Journal Entries

The Journal Entries linked to a Paycheck Run can be viewed by clicking on 'Journal Entries' in the header. 



The following types of Journal Entries are linked to Pay Runs:

Payroll Journal Entries

Payroll Journal Entries are automatically created when the associated Pay Run is approved.

Funding Journal Entries

If a Paycheck Run contains 'Checks', Funding Journal Entries are automatically created when the checks are printed.
One-Time Payment Journal Entries

Payroll Journal Entries are not created for One-Time Payments, as there are no corresponding DSS-estimated Payroll Journal Entries to clear. Instead, a regular Journal Entry is created for One-Time Payments.


Linked Journal Entries are displayed as the Journal Entry Number. Clicking on the Journal Entry Number will open the associated Payroll Journal Entry or Funding Journal Entry in a new tab. 

If a Journal Entry has not been created and linked to the Paycheck Run, the '+Create' button will be displayed. Click the '+Create' button to create and link the Journal Entry. 

  • Note: If there are no unprinted Paychecks associated with the Paycheck Run, the 'Funding Journal Entry' button will be disabled.

All GL Account Mappings for earnings and withholding types associated with a Paycheck Run must be mapped in order to create a Journal Entry from the Paycheck Runs page. If GL Account Mappings are missing, or if the desired Journal Entry should not be linked, Journal Entries can also be manually created within Accounting. When created in Accounting, the Journal Entry will not be linked to the Paycheck Run. 

Checks Section

1) Check Number - When the Paycheck Run is created, Paychecks are numbered in sequence with the checks for the associated Bank Account 

2) Employee - Employee being paid

3) Check Date - Date of the Paycheck

4) Check Total - Total amount of the Paycheck

5) Print - Click to print the associated Paycheck. If the Paycheck has been previously printed, a Paystub can be reprinted. Learn more about manually printing Paychecks and Paystubs here.

Unprinted Paycheck

If the Paycheck has not been previously printed, the following confirmation window will appear:

Previously Printed Paycheck

If the Paycheck has already been printed, it cannot be printed again. Instead, a Paystub can be printed. 

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Paystubs Section

1) Employee - Employee being paid


2) Check Date - Date of the Paycheck

3) Print - Click the printer icon to download a PDF of the Paystub

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