This article reviews the process for manually creating Paycheck Runs within R365 Payroll. 

When to Manually Create Paycheck Runs 

When a Pay Run is approved, an associated Paycheck Run is automatically generated. If an issue within a Pay Run prevents the associated Paycheck Run from being automatically generated, an 'Action Needed' message will be displayed at the top of the Paycheck Runs page. When this occurs, a Paycheck Run will need to be manually created after resolving the issues within the Pay Run.

  • Important Note: It is recommended to only manually create a Paycheck Run if one was not generated automatically. 

Clicking on 'here' at the end of the 'Action Needed' message will display details for all Pay Runs with issues and the reasons why the associated Paycheck Runs were not generated.

After all errors for a Pay Run are resolved, follow the process below to manually create the associated Paycheck Run.


Creating a Paycheck Run

To create a new Paycheck Run, click '+ Create Paycheck Run' on the Paycheck Runs page.  

Legal Entity Selection

Paycheck Runs can only contain Pay Runs from a single Legal Entity.

Select the desired Legal Entity from the drop-down menu. Only Legal Entities associated with Locations that the User has access to will be available to pick from. 

Click 'Next' to open the Paycheck Run form in a sidesheet.

Pending Pay Runs

When the Paycheck Run form opens, all of the 'Approved' Pay Runs for the selected Legal Entity will be listed. Learn more about calculating and approving Pay Runs here

Select and Create

Select one or more pending Pay Runs by checking the associated checkboxes). 

  • Important Note: Pay Runs can only be included in one Paycheck Run. Once added to a Paycheck Run, the Pay Run will be removed from the 'Pending' list for future Paycheck Runs. 

Click the 'Create Paycheck Runs' button to create the Paycheck Run with the selected Pay Runs. 

Creating the Paycheck Run will generate Paychecks and/or Paystubs for all Employees included in the Pay Runs. These Paychecks and Paystubs can then be manually printed, or submitted for printing through Print & Ship.

Created Paycheck Runs will have the status of 'Partially Paid' and are grouped in the 'Pending' section at the top of the Paycheck Runs page.