This article is part of R365 My Pay Employee Onboarding. If necessary, Employees can start the Employee Onboarding process via the desktop version of the Employee Self Service portal

When logging in for the first time, Users will be prompted to begin the Onboarding process. In the Onboarding Process, Users will:

  1. Confirm Personal Information
  2. Select a Payment Method
  3. Upload Employment Eligibility Documents
  4. Complete Tax Documents 
  5. Sign Additional Onboarding Documentation

Onboarding Steps

To complete Employee Onboarding, fill out the necessary information in each Onboarding section.

The Onboarding Process consists of the following steps:

  1. Review and Complete Personal Information
    The Employee's SSN/TIN will need to be entered before moving on. This SSN/TIN needs to match the SSN/TIN on file with the employer. If the SSN does not match, reach out to the Hiring Manager to have it fixed. To continue, click 'Continue'

  2. Complete Tax and Onboarding Documents
    Complete the Tax and Onboarding documents as necessary. Users will first be prompted to agree to the 'Electronic Records and Signature Disclosure'

    After agreeing to the terms of the Electronic Disclosure, Users can complete the documents section. The Tax and Onboarding Documents section consists of completing the following:

    • I-9 Verification of Employment Eligibility

    • W-4 Tax and Withholdings Documents

    • Sign Additional Required Documents 

      Click 'Sign Documents' to complete required signatures

  3. Choose a Pay Frequency

    Select how often to get paid. Pay Frequency options will vary based on Legal Entity. Users will only see the options that the Legal Entity has allowed for selection. Some options that Users might see are:
    • Monthly (Once a month)
    • Weekly (Every week)
    • Biweekly (Once every two weeks or twice a month)
    • Every Weekday! (Each weekday)

  4. Select a Payment Method 

    Select how to get paid. When Direct Deposit is selected, Users must complete the Direct Deposit information before continuing. To continue, click 'Save & Next'

    Note: Some Users may have a 'Check' option available to select. Selecting 'Check' means getting paid with a paper check. The Check Payment Method cannot elect to get paid daily

  5. Finish Onboarding

    Once all steps are complete, click 'X' to complete Onboarding

Employee Onboarding is now complete!

Incomplete Onboarding 

When an Employee has not yet complete a section of the Onboarding Process, the Employee Self Service portal, Users will be prompted to complete any incomplete sections on the home page.

The 'Onboarding Progress' summary indicates which Onboarding steps have been completed with green checkmarks.

Click 'Resume Onboarding' at the top of the page to complete the remaining Onboarding steps.