This article covers the Transactions tab of the New Smart Ops Purchased Item Record.

The Transactions tab contains each of the transactions (AP invoice, AP credit memo, etc.) where this item has appeared. 


The default setting for the transactions tab shows the last 90 days of transactions at all locations. The location and date can be modified to view transactions that occurred at specific location or within a specific time period. 


Transactions Tab

Location Group Selector
Select specific location(s) or a location group to view transactions that occurred only at the selected locations. 
  • Note: Leave this field blank to view transactions at All Locations

Transaction Date SelectionOnly transactions within the selected date range will be shown on the transactions tab. Click to make a selection from the drop down menu. Users can choose to see transactions within the following time periods:
  • Last 3 Days
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 14 Days
  • Last 30 Days
  • Last 90 Days (Default Setting)
  • Custom Date 
    • Note: This allows users to select a date range with specific days, months, and years.

Historical Cost Transactions GraphThis graph view of all the transactions made within the selected time period plotted  by transaction amount and date.  Click on any point on the graph to open the record of the transaction (AP Invoice, Item Transfer, Inventory Count, etc.). Hover over any point on the graph to view the following transaction details:
  • Transaction type 
  • Transaction date
  • Transaction amount
  • U of M

This graph can be collapsed by clicking the expand/collapse icon in the corner of the graph.
SearchClick and type keywords to search the transactions list for specific transactions.
Table FunctionsUse the table functions to do the following:
  • - Save/edit Table Views
  • - Filter Column information
  • - Rearrange table columns
  • - Export the table to a .csv file
  • - Refresh the table

Transactions TableThe list view of all the transactions made within the selected time period. All the transactions and transaction details are listed in the table.  

Transactions Table

The transactions list has the following information:

TypeThe type of transaction (AP invoice, AP credit memo, stock count, etc.).
DateThe date the transaction occurred. 
NumberThe identifying name/number given to the transaction record.
  • Note:  Click a transaction number to open the record of the transaction (AP Invoice, Item Transfer, Inventory Count. etc.).  
U of MThe unit of measure for the item.
Each AmountThe price per unit of the item. 
QuantityThe number of units purchased in the transaction.
TotalThe total transaction amount. 
StatusWhether the status of the transaction is In Progress, Approved, or Completed.
Location The location where the transaction occurred. 
Received From Where the transaction was received from. In this column, users may see the following:
  • Vendor Name - For AP Invoices and Credit Memos
  • Commissary Location - For commissary fulfillments
  • Sending Location - For item transfers
  • Blank Field - For all other transactions
Vendor Item NumberThe associated vendor item number or Commissary ID Number. Clicking a vendor item number will open the vendor item record.  The number pulled will differ based on the transaction and may be any of the following: 
  • Vendor Item Number - For AP Invoices and Credit Memos
  • Commissary ID Number - For commissary fulfillments
  • Blank Field - For all other transactions

Editing AP Transactions

Credit memos and AP invoices can be edited from within the Transactions tab by users with the following permissions:

  • Food 
    • AP Invoices 
      • View AP Invoices Within Food
      • Edit AP Invoices
    • AP Credit Memos
      • View AP Credit Memos Within Food
      • Edit AP Credit Memos

Click an AP invoice or an AP credit memo from the transactions table to open the transaction's edit form. To read more about editing AP transactions from the purchased item record, click here.