Users can access My Pay, the Employee Self Service Portal, on the R365 Red App. To read about downloading the R365 Red App, click here.

R365 Red App My Pay allows Employees to view and edit their Pay information including their contact and personal information, Earnings, and important Payroll Documents via mobile. 

Through this portal, Employees can also edit their Payment Method or their Taxes and Withholdings information as well as request Paid Time Off. 

This article covers the following topics:

Users can locate the Mobile Employee Self Service pages under the 'My Pay' dropdown in the mobile navigation menu.

My Pay Home Page

Users can access the My Pay Home Screen by tapping 'Home' from the mobile navigation menu. 

1) Payment Method - This sections lists the Employee's selection for their method of pay 

2) Withholdings - This section allows Employee's to edit their selections for tax information and withholdings

  • Note: Employees can edit City, State, and Federal Tax election information by tapping 'Edit Taxes and Withholdings.' The available options are dependent on the City and State of the Employee

  • Note:  Before editing filing status, Employees will be prompted to agree to the 'Electronic Records and Signature Disclosure'

3) Earnings - This section lists the Employee's earnings. Tap 'View all Earnings' to open the Earnings Page and view all Earnings to date

4) Personal and Contact Information - This section shows the Employee's Personal and Contact Information, including:

  • Name 
  • Date of Birth 
  • SSN or ITIN
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Physical Address

5) Employment Information - This section shows the Employee's information regarding their Employment, including:

  • Date Employee was hired 
  • Job Title 
  • Pay Rate
  • Department


The Earnings page lists all the Employee Earnings to date. They are listed with the Date and the Net Earnings. Employees can access the Earnings page by clicking 'Earnings' from the left navigation menu or by clicking 'View All Earnings' from the Earnings section of the Home Page.

The Employee Earnings list contains the date and the net earnings.  From this screen, Users can tap 'Download' to download a PDF of the paystub. 

Time Off

The Time Off screen allows Users to see their accrued, requested, and remaining Paid Time Off (PTO). From this screen, Users can also request PTO and see any pending requests. To read about how to request PTO using My Pay, click here


The Documents Screen lists the following Documents related to the Employee's Employment:

  • Tax Forms - View or download any available Tax Forms
  • Onboarding Documents - View, edit , or review the activity history of any documents related to the Onboarding process
  • Signed Documents - View or download any Documents the Employee has signed. Documents that have been signed will be marked as while documents that still need signatures will be marked as  . Tap a document to complete if necessary

To open the Documents page, click 'Documents' in the left navigation menu. 

My Pay Desktop View

If necessary, the Workforce Employee Self Service portal is also accessible via web. To read more about the web version of the Workforce Employee Self Service Portal, click here.