This article is part of the R365 Red App Employee Self Service Portal and covers the mobile Time Off screen. 

The Time Off screen can be accessed by tapping 'Time Off' from the 'My Pay' dropdown in the mobile navigation menu. 

From this screen, Users can view available, requested, and remaining Paid Time Off (PTO) hours. Users can also request Paid Time Off, view pending requests, and delete requests. 

Time Off Screen 

1) Menu - Tap the menu icon to open the mobile navigation menu 

2) Request - Tap to open a new PTO request

3) PTO Hour Amounts - The hour amounts of Paid Time Off that the User has:

  • Available to Request 
  • Requested 
  • Remaining

4) Request List - The list of all PTO requests that the User has put in

5) Request PTO - Another button to open a new request. Tap to open a new PTO request

Requesting Paid Time Off

To request PTO, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the 'Request' button or the 'Request PTO' button from the Time Off screen

  2. Complete the PTO request by filling out the following:
    • Start Date - The first day of PTO needed
    • End Date - The last day of PTO needed
      • Note: The Start and End date will be the same if the User only needs a single day of PTO
    • Hours - The hours of time off needed for each day selected
    • Notes - An optional note to leave the time off approver about the request

  3. Once the information is complete, tap 'Submit'

  4. The Paid Time Off Request has now been submitted and will appear in the 'Requests' list. All pending requests will be labeled as 'Pending'

Deleting a Pending PTO Request 

Paid Time Off requests can be deleted if they were made in error or no longer needed. To delete a pending PTO request, tap the request in the list to open the Time Off Request information pop out. 

Tap the delete icon   at the bottom of the screen to delete the request.