The Item Category form and grid will receive a new layout in Q1 2023 to provide Users the option to create and edit Item Categories in Smart Ops.

The Item Category form now opens in sidesheet rather than a new window, and the form has five new information fields. The Item Category List has been updated for Smart Ops. 

Item Category Form

The Item Category form was updated for Smart Ops. There are now five new information fields, including the following:

  • Item Prefix - This Prefix will be auto-filled into Item names when the Item Category is assigned to an Item
  • Waste Account - The GL Account that will be debited upon entering a Waste Log
  • Actual as Theoretical - Indicate whether this Item Category will use Actual Usage in place of Theoretical Usage on the AvT Report
  • Counted - Indicate whether the Item Category is counted in Inventory

New Item Category Form

Legacy Item Category Form

Item Category Grid

The Item Category Grid was updated for Smart Ops. The new Smart Ops Item Category grid offers inline editing for selected fields. Users can edit the following by clicking the field

  • Variance % 
  • Cost Account
  • Inventory Account
  • Waste Account
  • Counted
  • Item Prefix
  • Actual as Theoretical

New Item Category Grid

Legacy Item Category Grid