This article is part of the Smart Ops Unit of Measure List and covers the UofM Merge option. 

Users may encounter situations in which there are more than one Unit of Measure that are identical. In this case, the Units of Measure can be merged. Merging UofMs will combine the selected Units of Measure into one record, allowing the User to set a new name and eliminate the duplicate.

Merging Units of Measure

To merge Units of Measure, complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure that the Units of Measure are able to be merged. Unit of Measure records can only be merged when the following fields are exactly the same:
    • Equivalent Qty
    • Equivalent UofM
    • Purchasing UofM
    • Recipe UofM
    • Active
    • Measure Type

      Note: If any of these fields are different, the merge option will not appear in the bulk edit options.

  2. After selecting the necessary Units of Measure, click the Merge Icon from the Bulk Edit Options.

  3. The system will prompt the User to give the merged UofM a name. Users can opt to select one of the existing UofMs or turn on the 'New Name' toggle to create a new name.

  4. Once a name is chosen, click 'Merge' to complete the merge.

  5.  The merge is now complete, and the Unit of Measure will now be listed under the selected name.