This article is an overview of managing employee W2s within Workforce.

Article Topics:

Paperless W2s

Instead of a paper copy, employees may choose to receive their tax statements electronically. By opting in to paperless tax statements, employees will have quicker access to print their tax forms directly from any device with an internet connection as soon as they are published. 

By selecting ‘Opt In to Paperless Tax Statements’ in the ‘My Pay’ section of the R365 Mobile App, the employee consents to receive their W2 or other tax statements by electronic means only; a paper copy will not be need to be provided to them.

Employees who do not opt in to paperless tax statements will need paper W2s mailed to them.

The 'Paperless Tax Statements' selection for an employee can be viewed in the 'Pay History' section of the 'Payroll' tab of their Employee Record.

W2s in the Employee Self-Service Portal

Employees can access their W2s from the 'My Pay' section of the R365 Mobile App.  

W2s are found under the 'Tax forms' section of the 'Documents' screen

The employee can view or edit their 'Paperless Tax Statement' selection in the 'Profile' section of the R365 Mobile App.

W2s on the Employee Record

An employee's W2s can be downloaded from their Employee Record on the 'Payroll' tab

W2s, historical paystubs, and the employee's 'Paperless Tax Statements' selection are found in the 'Pay History' section. All W2s for completed years since the employee's hire date are listed in the 'Annual Statements' subsection. 

Clicking on a listed W2 year will download the W2 as a PDF. 


W2 EOY Process

At the end of the year, R365 will set a timeline for reviewing and approving employee W2s. The Year End Checklist page contains the recommended tasks and deadlines to complete the final pay run of the year and make any necessary adjustments prior to W2 filing. 

In the first week of January, W2 details will need to be checked for accurate data placement on the form and employee totals for earnings and taxes. Any corrections must be submitted to R365 Support. Corrections requested after the end of the review period require W2-C requests. Refer to the Year End Checklist page for the current year's review deadline. 

Once W2s have been generated in the second week of January, they will be available for download by employees on the R365 Mobile App, and will also be available to payroll users on the Workforce Documents page and individual Employee Records. 

On the Workforce Documents page, two zipped folders of W2 PDFs will be provided: 

File NameDescription
Year_W2s - Payroll Company NameAll W2s for all employees, regardless of paperless tax statements selection.
Year_W2s_NonPaperless - Payroll Company NameW2s for employees who did not elect for paperless tax statements and require a paper W2.