This article is an overview of the steps needed to complete a full Pay Run, including reviewing and approving associated Journal Entries. 

StepPay Run & Paycheck RunJournal Entries
1Pay Run is created

System Generated Pay Runs are automatically created at the end of each pay period.

One-Time Payments can be used to manually create Pay Runs before the end of the pay period.

2Salary earnings are automatically added to scheduled Pay Runs

3Hourly earnings are reviewed on the DSS
4Hourly earnings are reviewed utilizing the Workforce Payroll Preview Report
5If needed, punches are adjusted by either:
  • Editing punches in R365 if the Punch Edits feature is enabled
  • Editing punches in the POS and repolling labor if the Punch Edits feature is not enabled

6DSS is approvedEstimated Labor Journal Entry is automatically created, including:
  • Earnings
7Hourly earnings are exported from Smart Ops and imported into the scheduled Pay Run

8Additional earnings are added via One-Time Payments or imported via a Payments Import, if needed.

9Pay Run is Calculated
10Pay Run is reviewed using the Payroll by Pay Period Report or Payroll by Pay Date Report
11Pay Run is approved

Important Note: Once approved, Pay Runs cannot be unapproved. When approved, funds will be automatically disbursed to direct deposit recipients and Payroll Journal Entries will be created. Additional imports and adjustments will not be possible. Ensure Payroll is complete and accurate for all employees before approval. 
Payroll Journal Entry is automatically created, including:
  • Earnings
  • Taxes
  • Cash Disbursements for Direct Deposit, Pay Cards, and Taxes

12Paycheck Run is automatically created
13Physical Paychecks are printed either manually or through Print & Ship

Note: Once all Paychecks are printed, the Paycheck Run will change to the status of 'Paid'. If no Paychecks need to be printed for the Paycheck Run, it will automatically move to the 'Paid' status. 
Funding Journal Entries are automatically created, including:
  • Cash Disbursements for Paychecks

Payroll Journal Entry is reviewed and approved

Learn more about Estimated and Actual Payroll Journal Entry Clearing here.
Funding Journal Entries are reviewed and approved