Workforce Reports allow a User to view data that is specific to the Workforce Module. 




To access My Reports, click on 'My Reports' from the 'Reports' section in the left navigation menu. When the main Reports screen opens, it will default to the 'Favorites' tab. Click 'Workforce' in the header to display Workforce Reports.

Workforce Left Navigation MenuClassic Experience Left Navigation Menu



Make one of these reports a favorite by clicking the Star icon to the left of the report name and it will be saved as a favorite in the 'Favorites' tab.


Security and Report Access


Workforce Reports can be accessed by Users who have been given Report Roles by their system administrator.


If you aren't able to view these reports, it's most likely because you don't have security access. Speak with your system administrator to give you access to running or viewing these reports. 



Employee Payment Preferences Report - The Employee Payment Preferences Report displays the selected payment preference ('Direct Deposit' or 'Check') for each Employee onboarded to R365 Payroll. This report also displays direct deposit information for Employees with the payment preference of 'Direct Deposit'.

Workforce Payroll Preview Report - The Workforce Payroll Preview Report displays payroll information based on DSS data for a selected date range. Here, punches, regular pay, overtime pay, penalty pay, and tips can be reviewed.  This report includes built-in filters for Job, Job Type, and Pay Frequency.