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Users can edit their Notification settings from within the R365 Red App. From the 'Notification Settings' screen, Users can enable or disable the Notifications that are delivered to them. They can also edit or update the method in which they are notified (Push Notification, Email, or SMS). When their settings are updated, the changes will also be reflected in the web version of R365. To read more about editing notifications in web, click here.

This article covers the following topics:

The Notifications Settings screen can be accessed from the Notifications Center. To access, tap the bell icon  in the top right corner of the screen. Then, tap the menu icon  in the corner of the Notifications Center. From the pop-out options, select 'Notification Settings.'

Editing Notification Settings

The Notifications Settings screen will list all the Notification categories that the User has access to along with toggles to enable or disable notifications for specific updates. 

When a Notification setting is enabled, the notification methods will expand. This allows Users to select whether to receive the notification as a Push, an Email, or via SMS. Users can choose to toggle one, two, or all notification methods. 

Dependent on permissions, Users may elect to enable/disable any of the following Notification Settings:

  • Food 
    • Invoices
      • Item cost is outside variance threshold when the invoice is approved
      • Item cost is outside variance threshold when the invoice is changed to Completed status
    • Inventory
      • Inventory Count has been completed
  • Manager Log
    • Log Entries
      • Comment created on log entry 
      • Log entry created
    • Manager Log Mentions
      • Log Entry Created Mention
      • Log Entry Comment Mention
        • Note: The 'Manager Log Mentions' notification type cannot be disabled. The only modification that can be made to this notification type is enabling/disabling Email or SMS notifications. Push notifications for Manager Log Mentions must remain enabled
  • Labor
    • Punch Edit Acknowledgements
      • Time Punch Edited

Once any notifications settings have been edited, tap 'Save.' to save the changes made. Once saved, Users will be notified that their changes have been saved successfully.