In July of 2023, the 'Add to Payroll' button within Workforce is being renamed 'Onboard'. 

The new 'Onboard' process uses the 'Onboarding' wizard to walk the User through the information required to send an Onboarding Invite to the Employee. This article reviews the layout changes related to this process. 

Refer to the full documentation for Onboarding an Employee for R365 Payroll for more detail on the new Onboarding process. 

Refer to the full documentation for Employee Onboarding in the 'My Pay' section of the R365 Red App to learn more about the Employee-facing Onboarding steps and forms. 

Onboarding Action Button

Onboarding an Employee is now initiated from the 'Onboard' action button found on Employee Records and within the bulk edit menu of the 'Employees' page. 

New 'Onboarding' Action Button

Employee Record

Bulk Edit

Legacy 'Add to Payroll' Button

Employee Record

Bulk Edit Menu

Onboarding Process

New Single Employee Record Onboarding Wizard

The new Onboarding wizard walks the User through the information required to onboard an Employee. All required fields must be completed before the Onboarding Invite can be sent to the Employee. 

Onboarding information includes:

  • Assigning an Onboarding Manager 
  • Personal Information
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Personal Email
    • Personal Phone Number
    • Preferred Contact Method (optional)
  • Employment Information
    • Hire Date
    • Primary Location
    • Primary FLSA Status
    • Job
  • Time Information
    • Estimated Weekly Hours

Legacy Single Employee Record 'Add to Payroll' Confirmation

New Bulk Edit 'Onboard' Confirmation

The new bulk edit 'Onboard' confirmation window contains an option to add Employees without notifying them. When this option is checked, the selected Employees will be added to Payroll, but the Onboarding Invite will not be sent. 

Legacy Bulk Edit 'Add to Payroll' Confirmation