This article reviews the releases from Q3 of 2023.

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September 28th, 2023



Track Donated Items in R365 with the new Smart Ops feature, Donation Logs!

Similar to Waste Logs, tracking Donations helps Restaurants to document food and product donations so that Purchased Items and Recipes can be more accurately tracked across all Restaurant Locations. The Donations will be debited to a GL Account specified for Donations. 

Users can create Donation Templates for more efficient Donation Entry.

Mobile Donations

Donations is now available for mobile! Users can create, edit, complete and approve Donation Logs from the R365 Red App

Item Category Item Prefixes for Smart Ops Purchased Item Record


When  a new Purchased Item is assigned to an Item Category that has an Item Prefix, the prefix will autofill into the Item Name. The Item will use the following preference order:

Item Category 3 > Item Category 2 > Item Category 1




Smart Ops Purchased Item Record Transaction Tab Updates


The following updates were made to the Transaction Tab of the Smart Ops Purchased Item Record:


  • Users can now select more than one Location to view Transactions for multiple Transactions.

  • The Transactions List now features the 'Received From' and 'Vendor Item Number' Columns .



Order Qty Total on Purchase Order Form


The Purchase Order form now shows the total quantity of items next to the total cost. This will allow Users to monitor Item quantities in case there are quantity thresholds set by a Vendor.




Clear GL Accounts on Item Category Form and Grid 


When Accounting is ON, Users can clear or remove GL Accounts from an Item Category from the Item Category Form or using in-grid editing. Users can clear any of the following accounts:

  • Cost Account
  • Inventory Account


Donations and Waste Accounts can be cleared at any time. 



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Labor Rules - Max Break Penalties per Day


A new setting to limit the number of Break Penalties a single Employee can be awarded in a single Business Day has been added to Break Penalty Rules.


R365 Punch Edits - Editable Payrates


When editing punches in the DSS, Pay Rates for the shift can be edited. This rate will be used to calculate Labor for that shift only, and will not be updated to the Employee's Employee Record.


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One-Time Deductions & Deduction Corrections


One-Time Deductions for 'Variable' type Deductions and Deduction Corrections can now be imported through One-Time Payments. 


Variable Deductions are used for all Deductions that are inconsistent in frequency or amount; for example, an Employee contribution for their 'Employee Meal'. The amount of the Deduction will vary depending on the meal chosen, and the frequency will vary depending on the Employee's use of the benefit.


Deduction Corrections are used to correct a Deduction error and repay the Employee. Deduction Corrections ensure that the Employee's tax withholdings are accurate for the repayment. Deduction Corrections are applied pre-tax or post-tax, depending on the Deduction Type, and will be reflected in tax calculations for the Payroll Batch.



Paycheck Run Permissions


Permissions specific to Paycheck Runs have been added to the Payroll Permission Tree:


New Deduction Types


New 'Variable Type' Deductions have been added:

  • Dues
  • Employee Meal
  • Instant Deposit Fee
  • Employee Uniform
  • Union Dues
  • Miscellaneous
  • Fringe Benefit Offset


Variable Deductions are used for all Deductions that are inconsistent in frequency or amount; for example, an Employee contribution for their 'Employee Meal'. The amount of the Deduction will vary depending on the meal chosen, and the frequency will vary depending on the Employee's use of the benefit.


New Payroll Status - Terminated


A new 'Terminated' Payroll Status has been added for Employees who have been separated from all Payroll Companies associated with the Legal Entities on their Employee Record. This status is visible on the 'Employees' page



Employee Record - Editable Hire Dates


Hire Dates on the 'Employment' tab of Workforce Employee Records can now be edited. 


Import Payments - Import Date & Error Corrections


When downloading the Import Payment Template, the 'Last Day of the Pay Run' is entered. This date is pre-populated to all entries on the downloaded template, and determines which Pay Run the uploaded templated is imported to. 



After upload, if errors are present, a new template will be provided outlining the errors. This template can be re-imported after the errors are corrected.

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Daily Labor Review


The Daily Labor Review Report now features an Actual Sales column. Users can also opt to include Forecasted Sales and Forecasted Labor %.



Donation Form


The Donations Form report is now available. Users can download and print a physical Donation Form to keep track of Donations for their Restaurant Location.



Donations Column on Reports


The following reports now have a Donation column:







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September 7th, 2023


Quick-Add UofM

Users can now quick-create a Unit of Measure from the Unit of Measure fields on the Purchase Item Record. When a UofM does not already exist, Users will have the option to create a new UofM, which will allow Users to create a new UofM without leaving the Purchase Item Record. 

Save and Create 

The 'Save and Create' option was added to several R365 forms! When selected, the 'Save and Create' option will immediately open a new form upon saving the current entry.

The 'Save and Create' was added to the following forms in R365:

Inventory Count: 'Item Details' Table Views

Users can now create and save Table Views on the Item Details grid when reviewing an Inventory Count.

Add Item to Purchase Orders by Item Number

Users can now add Items to Purchase Orders using the assigned Item Number.


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Restricted Access GL Accounts - Hide Transactions

If the activity related to a Restricted Access GL Account should not be visible for all Users, Transactions related to that GL Account can be hidden by checking the 'Restricted Access - Hide Transactions' setting on the associated GL Account Record. 

When 'Restricted Access - Hide Transactions' is enabled, all Transactions that contain a one or more line with a restricted GL Account will be hidden from Users without the 'Access Restricted GL Accounts' Permission. Review the full list of pages and records that hide restricted access transactions here

The Payment Run form now displays a hyperlinked Payment Number when Payments have been created. Clicking the Payment number will open the AP Payment form. Voided Payments will display a 'Voided' status.

New Match Rule: ACH Payments Based on Date

A new Matching Rule matches bulk bank withdrawals to multiple ACH Payments based on their Payment Date

The system searches for multiple ACH Payments with the 'ACH' Payment Method or R365 Payments whose R365 Payment Method is 'ACH' that have the same Payment Date.

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Effective Start and End Dates for Salary Jobs

Changes to an Employee's Salary Job can now be managed through effective start and end dates. Learn more about Salary Job Effective Dates here.

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August 10th, 2023


Start of Business Day

Start of Day configurations determine what time of day that a Location's Business Day starts within R365. By default Business Days in R365 start at 12:00 am. Aligning a Location’s Start of Day time with the POS End of Day time can improve reporting accuracy and reduce Cross-Day Shifts

Contact your CSM or R365 Support to learn how 'Start of Business Day' can enhance your R365 experience!

Barcode Scanning

R365 now supports Barcode Scanning! When Barcode Scanning is enabled, Users can quickly enter Inventory Counts by scanning Item Barcodes with their mobile device camera.

From the web version of R365, Users can also do the following:

Generate an Inventory Count Using Theo on Hand

No more conducting entire Inventory Counts only days apart! The ‘Generate QTY’ option is now available on an Inventory Count for Users with the necessary permissions. Users can click this button to enter a system-generated Inventory Count based on the theoretical quantity of Items on hand. To read more about generating an Inventory Count using Theo on Hand, click here.

Inventory Count Variance Review Tab

The Inventory Count Variance Review tab has now been enabled for all Users! From this tab, Users can view Theoretical and Actual Inventory Count Variances. Users can elect whether or not to require the review of this tab in System Preferences.

Purchased Item Record: Usage per 1000 & Theo on Hand Added to Item Cost Tab

Usage per 1000 and Theoretical on Hand QTY have now been added to the Purchase Item Record’s Item Cost Tab.

Shift Differential Rules by Day of the Week

Shift Differential Rules can now be applied to specific days in the week. 

Shift Differential Rules will add additional earnings for Employees who work during specific hours of the day and/or on specific days of the week. This rule is frequently used by Locations where swing shifts or graveyard shifts are paid an hourly or per-shift bonus.

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Updating Payment Dates on Check/Payment Runs

When the Payment Date field in the header of a Check/Payment Run is updated, Users can choose how the Payment Dates for displayed invoices are updated. 


AP Center Table Views

Smart Grid Table Views have been added to the AP Center. Users can now adjust the columns on each tab and save Table Views. 


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Payment Details Page Update

The Payment Details page has been updated and now includes Job Rates, Hours, and the ability Add and Edit Earnings

Convert Payment to Check

Individual Payments can now be converted to be paid by check instead of direct deposit. Other Payments within the associated Payroll Run will not be converted, and the Employee's Payment Preference will not be updated.

Workforce Reports Navigation

Find all of the Workforce-related Reports together in the 'Reports' navigation group. In this group, both Workforce Reports and My Reports can be accessed. 

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Daily Labor Review Report

Users can now generate the Daily Labor Review Report from 'My Reports,' which allows Users to see Key Labor Metrics all in one place. 

July 13th, 2023

Smart Operations


Safe Counts


Track Safe Counts in R365. When cash is counted in-store, Users can log the count in R365, including the totals, Change Orders, Paid Ins and Paid Outs not counted in the POS, as well as the entering and receiving managers.




Purchase Item Record - New Options on the Templates Tab


The Purchase Item Record Templates Tab now allows Users to add the Item directly to Order Templates and Shopping Lists!




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A screenshot of a shopping list

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Item Categories - Exclude Item Category from Suggested Ordering


The Item Category Form has a new field! Users can now elect whether or not to exclude all of the Purchased Items in an Item Category from the Suggest QTY. 


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An option to exclude hyperlinks has been added to the GL Account Detail Export. When the ‘Include Ref Links’ setting is 'No', the transactions listed in the 'Ref. Number' column will not be hyperlinked to the associated transaction records.  


Check/Payment Runs - Naming Convention Update


The Check/Payment Run Name populated when a Check/Payment Run is created is being updated to the following format:


bank account number-current date-sequence number-User Full Name



The Check/Payment Run Name can now be changed before or after saving the Check/Payment Run. The edited name does not need to be unique.


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New Onboarding


The new 'Onboarding' process uses the 'Onboarding' wizard to walk the User through the information required to send an Onboarding Invite to the Employee.

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The Employee Onboarding Experience within the 'My Pay' section of the R365 Red App has also been updated with a new look!


Employee Payment Preferences Report


The Employee Payment Preferences Report displays the selected Payment Preference ('Direct Deposit' or 'Check') for each Employee onboarded to R365 Payroll. This report also displays direct deposit information for Employees with the Payment Preference of 'Direct Deposit'.


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Delete Paycheck Runs


Unneeded Paycheck Runs can now be deleted.

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When a Paycheck Run is deleted, the following will occur:

  • Checks within the Paycheck Run are deleted
  • The associated unapproved Funding Journal Entry is deleted
  • The associated unapproved Payroll Journal Entry or One-Time Payment Journal Entry is deleted



When a Paycheck Run is submitted for printing through Print & Ship between 9:00 am and 11:00 am MST, an option to request expedited printing will be displayed.

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