This article is part of Task Management  and covers the My Tasks page.

From the My Tasks page, users can view all their assigned tasks for any selected day at a selected location. Users executing these tasks can use this page to review tasks and check them off as they are completed. 

This page shows current and upcoming tasks as well as requests that have been submitted for approval. From this page, users can view task descriptions, requirements, and deadlines. When a task is marked Complete, the system will log the user that completed the task.

All the task groups and individual tasks listed on the My Tasks page are imported from assigned guides. To read more about task management guides, click here

This article covers the following topics:

Note: Task Management is an add-on to Operations. Please contact your Sales Representative to learn how the Task Management add-on can enhance your R365 experience.

There are two ways to navigate to the My Tasks page. Users can click My Tasks from under the Task Management tab in the Smart Ops left navigation. 

Users can also click the  Tasks widget on the Smart Ops home page.

Either option will open the My Tasks page to the task list for the current date. 

The My Tasks page can also be set to be the users' Smart Ops homepage. 

Setting My Tasks Smart Ops Homepage

System administrators can set the My Tasks page to be their users' Smart Ops homepage. When set to the homepage, users would automatically be navigated to the My Tasks page upon opening Smart Ops in R365.

To do this, click Preferences from underneath Admin in the Smart Ops left navigation.

This will open the System Preferences page in a new tab. Click the Miscellaneous tab. From this page, ensure that the Smart Ops Landing Page fieldis set to My Tasks.

My Tasks Page

The information on the My Tasks page will reflect tasks and requests for the user's assigned location. For users assigned to multiple locations, a location can be set for the My Tasks page from the location selector at the top of the page.

The My Tasks page is broken up into three panel sections. 

  1. The Guide section lists all the tasks that have been assigned to the location and must be completed throughout the selected work day. The Upcoming section lists all the
  2. The Upcoming section lists all upcoming tasks that are already open and available for users to access that may be due in the near future. 
  3. The Requests section lists all requests that have been submitted for approval.

Guide Section

Date SelectorThe tasks listed are for the date displayed here.  Users can select a date using any of the following:
  • - Click to navigate one day back from the currently selected day

  • - Click to navigate one day forward from the currently selected day

  • - This field will show the currently selected date. The default is 'Today.' Users can click this field to select a specific date from a Calendar, if necessary

Task Bar ProgressThe task bar progress shows a progress bar for each task grouping. Task progress bars start out grey. As tasks are completed, the bar will shade green.
Table Functions

As with all smart grids, the Guide grid on the Tasks page features the following table functions:

  •  - Search for specific keywords

  • - Save/edit table views

  • - Filter column information

  • - Edit row height to be smaller or larger. This function is accessible from the menu

  • - Export the table to a .csv file. This function is accessible from the menu

  • - Refresh. This function is accessible from the menu

Learn more about working with smart grids here

Task GroupIndicates a different set of tasks. Users will see the name of the task group followed by the number of tasks completed. Users can click the arrow icon to expand or collapse the group. Task group names and the list of tasks associated with them are imported from assigned  Guides. Learn more about Task Groups, here.

Note: Rollover Tasks is the first task group shown. This task group lists all tasks that are past due, if any. 
Completion StatusThe completion status of the task. Tasks that have been marked as complete will feature a green check icon . Tasks that have not yet been started will have a blank checkmark icon . When a task has an empty circle icon  , there are requirements of the task that still need to be completed before the task can be marked complete.
TaskIndicates a task that needs to be completed as part of the work day. Clicking a task will open the task sheet.

Some tasks can be completed in-grid by entering text or making option selections in the fields provided. Clicking a blue arrow on a task entry will begin guiding users through the task.

Tasks with an alert icon   are past due based on their assigned due time. Once completed, these will be removed from the list.

 RequirementThe required action or information necessary to complete the task. The requirement is dependent on the task type.
AssigneeThe user(s) or user role assigned to the task. There can be one or multiple assignees.

Clicking this field opens the assignee dropdown and allows users to sort through users and user roles to add an assignee in-grid.
 TagsThe tags that have been added to the task.

Clicking a specific tag in the column will filter the grid for the selected tag. When filtered, only tasks with the selected tags will appear on the grid.
Tasks can only be added when editing or managing a guide.  
TodayReturns the guide task to the current date. When this button is greyed out, Today is already displayed. 
 Collapse Secondary ListWhen this icon is clicked, the panel will expand and the two additional panel sections will collapse. This icon only appears on the center panel.

The secondary lists can be expanded by clicking the button again.

Task Grid Additional Columns

The task list also includes the following columns:

Due DateDate that the task is due. 
Due TimeTime of day that the task is due. Times with an alert icon are past due.

All past due tasks automatically move to the first task group called Rollover Tasks at the top of the Guide.

Completed ByUser that marked the task as complete. This will remain empty until the task has been completed.
Completed OnDate and time that the task was completed. This will remain empty until the task has been completed. 

Upcoming Section

This section will list tasks that are due in the near future that are open and available for users to access. Users can complete these tasks ahead of time to get ahead of their work. The availability set on the task determines the tasks that appear in the upcoming section.

  • Note: Availability settings on tasks do not apply to users with Task Management admin permissions. Task Management admins can complete a task at any time, regardless of its availability settings.

Total ItemsThe total number of upcoming tasks on the list. 
Secondary List MenuThe secondary list menu gives users the option to expand the list or collapse the secondary lists.

When Expand list is clicked, this section will move to the primary section, and the list will be enlarged. When Collapse secondary lists is clicked, the right two panels will collapse, and the left panel will expand.

TaskThe upcoming task listed with the number of days until the task is due.

When this section is expanded, the task appears on the list as it would in the Guide section.

View AllClick to view all the tasks on this list. Clicking this button will expand the section into the left side panel.

Requests Section

This section will list all active schedule and transfer requests.

AlertsThe number of requests that are past due. 
Request TotalThe total number of requests that have not been addressed. 
Secondary List MenuThe Requests secondary list menu allows users to do the following:
  • Expand list - This section will expand and move to the left side panel
  • Collapse secondary lists - The two right panels will collapse to expand the left panel. 
  • Show as requests/Show as requests groups - Elect whether to show the list as the list of individual requests or sort the requests into request groups.
  • Request settings - Click to open the Task Management Settings sidesheet

RequestsWhen set to Request Groups, this will list all the request types with the number of requests there are for that type. Request types with an alert icon indicate that there are overdue requests in that request group.

When set to Requests, this will list all the individual requests and the number of days until the request is due.

Clicking the arrow iconon a request group will open the list of specific requests.

View AllClick to view all the tasks on this list. Clicking this button will expand the section into the left side panel.

Reviewing and Completing a Task 

From the Tasks Grid

Users can complete a task from within the Tasks grid . Many tasks can be completed within the grid, without having to open up the task sheet. To do this users can enter required values, make required selections, or follow shortcuts by clicking the fields or buttons in grid. 

For tasks that require values entered into fields click the field  and enter the correct value.  Then click the checkmark icon to mark the task as complete.

Similarly, for tasks that require users to make selections click the selector and make a selection or selections.

For record or shortcut tasks, click the blue arrow button to automatically open the record that needs to be created or completed. Once the requirements have been satisfied, mark the task as complete.

From the Task Sheet

Tasks can be reviewed and marked complete from the Task Sheet. To open the Task Sheet, click a Task from the list. 

From the Task Sheet, Users can review the details of the Task, complete the requirements, mark the Task as complete, and read or leave comments on the Task. To read more about the Task Sheet, click here

Locations Without an Assigned Guide

When a location does not have a Guide assigned to it, there will not be any tasks listed on the page. Instead, in both the Guide and Upcoming sections, users will be notified that the location does not have a task Guide assigned and be prompted to assign a Guide.

Clicking the Assign a Guide button will navigate Users to the Guides page, where users can assign a guide to the location. 

Only users with the following permission will see the Assign a Guide button as only users with this permission can assign a guide:

Administration→ Task Management → Guided Workday Admin

Creating a Task List

The tasks and task groups featured on the My Tasks page are taken from the guides assigned to the selected Location. To read more about guides and creating a task list, click here