This article covers working with Outstanding Sales/Payment Types and Open Tickets.

This article covers the following:

Payment Type: Outstanding

There are instances in which a Check may have the status of 'Outstanding.' Outstanding Checks are often related to Future Orders. To resolve this, Users should update mapping if needed.

When Future Orders are entered correctly in the POS, the recommended mapping would be to map to a Future Orders Liability Account. If one does not already exist, Users can create a new GL Account for Future Accounts.  

To properly map the Check, follow these steps. If using an existing GL Account, skip to Step #3:

  1. Create a New Account by clicking 'New Account' from the drop-down menu of the 'Account' tab in the top ribbon

  2. Complete the GL Account Record as necessary

  3. Once the Future Orders Liability Account has been created, or if the correct Liability Account exists, open the Daily Sales Summary for the Outstanding Sale by double-clicking the entry in the grid and click the 'ASSIGN SALES ACCOUNTS' tab

  4. Check the box by the Outstanding Sale to select it, then click 'Update'

  5. From the Sales Account dialog box, select the correct Liability Account for 'GL Account,' whether this is an Existing Account or the Future Orders Account created in steps #1 and #2

    The Sales Account Type should be set to 'Standard (none)'

  6. Click 'Save' to save and update the mapping

The Outstanding Check has now been mapped to an Account and will be processed appropriately. 

The process will be as follows:

1) Order Placement

  • Order is placed for a Future Date
  • Payment for Order is shown on DSS with the Sales Account listed as 'Oustanding'
  • Sales Account is mapped to designated Future Orders GL Account
    • Note: Distribution would be as follows-
      • Debit: Bank Account
      • Credit: Future Orders GL Account

2) Future Date (Order Completion)

  • On the day of the Future Date, the Sales is shown on the DSS with Payment Type Account as 'Outstanding'
  • Payment Type Account is mapped to designated Future Orders GL Account (and likely as a 'Paid in Advance' Payment Group)
    • Note: Distribution would be as follows-
      • Debit: Future Orders GL Account
      • Credit: Sales (Food Sales, Beverage Sales, etc.)