This article is part of Units of Measure and the new Purchase Item Record and covers quick-add UofMs. 

If a Unit of Measure does not already exist, Users can use the quick-add feature to create the UofM from the field of entry. This allows for greater efficiency as Users can create and save a new UofM without navigating out of the Purchase Item Record. 

To use the quick-add UofM feature, Users must have the following permission:

Food → Units of Measure → Create Units of Measure

This article covers the following topics:

Quick Add Availability

The UofM quick-add feature is available for the following UofM fields on the new Purchase Item Record:

  • Reporting U of M

  • Inventory U of M 1, 2, & 3

  • Weight U of M

  • Volume U of M

  • Each U of M

  • Count U of M 1, 2, & 3 
    Available when Location Specific Settings are Enabled

  • Selling U of M
    Available when Sales or Catering is enabled

Quick Adding a UofM

To quick-add a UofM, first navigate to the correct UofM field, then follow these steps:

  1. Begin typing in the UofM needed. If the UofM has not already been created, Users will see the 'CREATE UOFM' option

  2. Click 'CREATE UOFM' from the dropdown

  3. This will open the 'New Unit of Measure' pop-up form

  4. Complete the UofM fields as necessary, then click Save

  5. The UofM has now been saved and will appear as an option when selecting a UofM

    Note: Users must click 'Save' to save the UofM. Closing out the pop-out without first clicking 'Save' will not save the UofM