In Q4 of 2023, the process for terminating employees within Workforce was changed. This article is an overview of the new separation process and changes to the 'Employment' tab of Workforce Employee Records

Article Topics:

Process Change

The employee termination process within Workforce has been changed to an employee separation process. The new separation process is used to separate the employee from one or more payroll companies, and is no longer a single setting that impacts all locations and legal entities associated with that employee. 

New Employee Separation Process

In the new employee separation process, 'Separate' is selected from the 'Actions' dropdown menu in the header of the employee's Employee Record

Selecting 'Separate' opens the separation wizard. The separation wizard guides the user through selecting the payroll companies the employee will be separated from, as well as collecting separation details. Learn more about employee separations here

Legacy Employee Termination Process

In the legacy process for employee terminations, the 'Status' field in the 'Employment Info' section of the employee's Employee Record was updated to 'Terminated'. Once set to 'Terminated', additional fields were displayed to collect termination details. 

Payroll & Employment Statuses

The new employee separation process changes the payroll status and employment status of 'Terminated' to 'Separated'. These statuses are displayed on the Employees page as well as Employee Records.

New StatusLegacy Status
Payroll Status
Employment Status


Employment Info Section

The termination fields in the 'Employment Info' section of the 'Employment' tab are no longer displayed. 

Jobs Section

The employee's payroll status per payroll company is now displayed in the 'Jobs' section of the 'Employment' tab of their Employee Record.

New Jobs Section

The following columns have been added to the 'Jobs' section:

  • Payroll Status
  • Payroll Company
  • Legal Entity

Legacy Jobs Section