This article is part of barcode scanning and covers linking an unlinked barcode when the 'Barcode Not Found' prompt appears. 

When scanning items into an inventory count,  waste log, donation log, or item transfer, users may encounter a 'Barcode Not Found' message.  This occurs when a barcode has not been previously linked to a purchased item.  This prompt requires users to either cancel or link the barcode to an item before continuing.

Users must have the following permission to link the barcode to an item:

Food →  Purchased Items →  Edit Purchased Item

Barcode Not Found

When the scanned barcode has not been linked to an item, users will be prompted with the following 'Barcode not found' message:

If the Barcode was scanned in error, click 'Cancel,' and proceed scan the correct Barcode. 

If the scanned Barcode needs to be added to an item, click 'Link to Item.' 

Users will be navigated to the Link Item screen. From this screen, users can search for the Item to link the barcode to. Once the appropriate item is located, tap to select the Item. Then, click Link to Item.

Users will be notified that the barcode has now been linked to the Item, and Users can proceed with their inventory count, waste/donation log, or item transfer. This barcode will now be listed with the item's barcodes, which can be viewed in R365 web.

Important Note: Users can only link a new Barcode when the device is connected to the Internet. This cannot be done when the device is offline.