This article covers barcode scanning.

Barcode scanning is a feature that links barcodes to purchased items in R365. Barcode scanning is compatible with inventory counts, waste logs, donation logs, and item transfers. 

When conducting inventory counts, users can save time by using the camera on their mobile device or an external Bluetooth scanner to scan item barcodes into inventory. When a barcode that is mapped to a purchased/recipe item is scanned, users will be prompted to enter a count for the item in inventory. 

When entering waste logs, donations logs, or item transfers, users can utilize their mobile device camera to scan purchased items onto the log or transfer for more efficient and accurate item entry. 

R365 also allows users to map new barcodes to previously unmapped items from their mobile device.

To enable Barcode Scanning, contact your CSM or R365 Support to learn how Barcode Scanning can enhance your R365 experience!

Article Topics

Item Barcodes

Creating Item Barcodes

When barcode scanning is enabled, each existing purchased item will automatically be assigned a unique R365-generated barcode. When a new purchased item is created, the item will be assigned a barcode once the record is saved. Users can also assign additional barcodes to items as needed. 

 In R365 web, users can then generate a printable document with scannable barcodes for selected items. These can be placed anywhere to later be scanned when needed.


Managing Item Barcodes

Item barcodes can be managed via web. From the web version of R365, users can do the following:

Barcode Scanning for Inventory Counts

Barcode scanning can be used to scan items into inventory when conducting an inventory count. After scanning an item, users can enter the count for the item and then continue the process as they work through all items in inventory. To read more about using barcode scanning for inventory counts, click here

Barcode Scanning for Logs and Transfers

Barcode scanning can also be used to scan items onto waste logs, donation logs, and item transfers.  Using barcode scanning instead of manual entry to add items helps improve efficiency and ensures item accuracy. To read more about using barcode scanning for logs and transfers, click here

Barcode Scanning Using an External Scanner

Users can also scan barcodes for inventory counts using an external Bluetooth scanner. To learn more about using barcode scanning with an external scanner, click here.