This article reviews the Company Tax Profile page within Workforce. Here, users can view tax profile information for the selected payroll company, including tax jurisdictions and SUI rates. 

This page is view-only. For assistance updating any information on this page, please contact R365 Support.

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First, navigate to Workforce.


In the left navigation menu, click 'Company Tax Profile' under 'Settings' to open the Company Tax Profile page.



Users with the following permission will be able to access the Company Tax Profile page:

  • Payroll 
    • Workforce Payroll 
      • Company Tax Profile 
        • View Company Tax Profile

The header for the Company Tax Profile page contains basic information for the payroll company. 

Payroll Company SelectorClick to select the payroll company that tax profile information is displayed for.
Company Legal NameLegal name of the payroll company as used for tax filing.
FEIN/FTINTax ID number for the payroll company.

This field is blurred by default. Click the eye iconto unblur.
Company AddressAddress for the payroll company used for tax filing:
  • Street Address
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Date address was confirmed
Tax Point of ContactPoint of contact for the payroll company. This contact information is used by R365 to resolve questions regarding tax setup and filings. 
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact Email Address

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State Unemployment Rates

The State Unemployment Rates section displays all SUI rates per year for the payroll company. 

To update SUI rates, submit a SUI Rate Change request to R365 Support and attach the associated unemployment rate notification from the state to be updated. Typically, each state will send an unemployment rate notification annually. Many states also have these notifications available on their associated state portals. 

  • Important Note: SUI rates will not be changed without a rate notification attached to the request. 

Tax YearYear associated with the state and SUI rate.
Resident StateState associated with the SUI rate.
SUI RateRate used to calculate state unemployment insurance.

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The 'Jurisdictions' section displays all active and inactive jurisdictions associated with the payroll company. 

When a pay run is calculated, taxes are calculated for each active jurisdiction associated with an employee in the pay run. Tax jurisdictions are added to this list based on the home addresses and work location addresses of employees who have been onboarded to payroll for the payroll company. Learn more about how jurisdictions are determined here.

StateState associated with the jurisdiction. If the jurisdiction is associated with a federal tax, the state column is blank.
NameName of the jurisdiction.
Tax TypeTax type associated with the jurisdiction.
Filing FrequenciesThe frequency taxes are filed for the jurisdiction.

Taxes for all pay runs with pay dates within a single period of a jurisdiction's filing frequency will be filed together.

Filing frequency requirements are determined by each jurisdiction separately. Filing frequencies are tied to the standard calendar week/months, and not associated with the fiscal calendar or operational calendar in R365.

Account NumberPayroll company account number for the jurisdiction.
ActiveIndicates if the jurisdiction is active.

  • Checkmark - Jurisdiction is active; taxes are calculated, funded, and filed for the jurisdiction.

  • X - Jurisdiction is inactive; taxes are not calculated, funded, or filed for the jurisdiction. 

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