This article covers the steps to create a one-time payment within Workforce. 

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Action Buttons For the Create Payment Form

Download TemplateClick to download a blank import template with all active employees listed.
browse your filesClick to browse files for a completed import template to upload.

Note: Import templates can also be dragged and dropped to this area.
CancelClick to cancel the creation of the one-time payment.
Create and ScheduleClick to create and calculate the one-time payment.

The calculated pay run will open in the Pay Run Summary sidesheet on the Payroll Overview page. From here, a pay date for the pay run can be selected and the pay run can be approved.

Note: This button is hidden when the one-time payment is grouped with an outstanding pay run.
Create Pay RunClick to create the one-time payment and return to the Payroll Overview page.

The one-time payment will either be grouped with an outstanding payment or create a new pay run.

If a new pay run is created, it will be calculated, but the Pay Run Summary sidesheet will not be opened. Depending on errors found in the calculation of the pay run, the new pay run will be in 'In Progress' or 'Needs Attention' status. 

Create a One-Time Payment Steps

Follow these steps to create a one-time payment:

  • Note: Clicking on an images in the tables below will expand them to full size

Open a Create Payment Form and Enter Payment Details

Important Note: Payment Details will not be editable after the one-time payment is created

On the Payroll Overview page, click 'Create one-time payment'
 Enter the Description.

This text will appear on the Payroll Overview page.
 Select a Payment Type.

This is the earning type of the earnings created by the one-time payment and will auto-populate the 'Notes' column for manually-added employees.
 Select a Payment Method.

Directly deposited into employee's bank account - Earnings need to be processed for payment.

Employee has already received this payment - Earnings only need to be recorded for tax and reporting purposes.
 Select a Payment Timeframe.

As soon as possible as separate payment- One-time payment will create a new pay run.
  • Note: When this option is selected, the 'Create and Schedule' button will be displayed.

Grouped with an outstanding/next payment- One-time payment will be grouped with an outstanding/next pay run if available. Otherwise, a new pay run will be created. 
  • Note: When this option is selected, the 'Create and Schedule' button will be hidden.

Add Employees and Earning Amounts

There are two methods for adding employee and earning amounts; manually and import. These methods can be used separately or together. 

  • Manual Entry
    • Individual employees are added directly on the 'Create Payment' form
    • 'Notes' field is auto-populated with the selected earning type

  •  Import Entry

Manual Entry

In the 'Search' box, enter 3 or more letters of the desired employee's name. 
Select the desired employee.
Enter the Gross Amount.
Select a Tax Method.
Edit Notes.

Note: Notes entered will appear on employee paystubs.

Import Entry

 Click 'Download Template' to download a blank import template with all active employees listed.
Fill out the import template with earning amounts and one-time deductions.

Importing Earnings
Enter earning amounts per employee in the 'Amount' column (K). Data in other columns is not used when importing earnings.

Importing Deductions
Enter deduction amounts per employee into deduction-type-specific columns (M-Z). Learn more about formatting the import template for one-time deductions here.

Note: The first row of the import template that contains instructions must be deleted prior to upload. 
The completed import template can be uploaded in two ways:

Drag and drop the file onto the 'Employee' grid.

Click 'browse your files' to find the file in the file manager. 

Note: If employees have already been added to the one-time payment, an import template can only be uploaded through drag and drop.
 Update Tax Method and Notes.

Finalize the One-Time Payment

Review all added employees and total gross amount for the one-time payment. 
Click 'Create and Schedule' or 'Create Pay Run' to create the one-time payment.

Learn more about these buttons in the 'Action Button' section above.

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