This article reviews the steps to adjust an employee's PTO accrual balance


Only users with the following permission will be able to adjust accrual balances:

  • Labor
    • Employees
      • Time
        • Accrual Balances
          • Edit Accrual Balances

Adjusting Accrual Balances

Follow these steps to adjust an employee's accrual balance for a PTO accrual rule:

Navigate to the desired employee's Employee Record, then select the 'Time Off' tab.
In the 'Accrual Balances' section, click on the summary card for the desired accrual balance.

The Accrual Balance Detail sidesheet will open. 
Click 'Adjust Hours'.
Select Add or Subtract.

Add will increase the total accrued amount and result in an increase to the current balance.

Subtract will increase the used amount and result in a decrease to the current balance.

Enter the amount of the adjustment as hours. 
Enter a reason for the adjustment.
Click 'Save'.