This article is part of Time Off Accruals and covers mobile time off accruals. 

When an organization has Time Off Accruals enabled, accrual policies can be assigned to employees. Employees with assigned accrual policies will earn time off hours based on the policy in place. Employees may have multiple accrual policies assigned to their account, which means they will accrue a balance for each accrual type. 

Once employees accrues time off earnings, they can then utilize their balance when requesting time off. When an employee takes time off, they will be prompted to select which accrual type balance to debit their hours from. 

From the R365 App, employees can view their time off balances as well as request time off and manage those requests. 

Only organizations with Time Off Accruals enabled will be able to see earning balances and accruals types. Users without time off accruals will have the default options for requesting time off. Read more about standard time off requests here.

This article covers the following:

My Time Off Dashboard Widget


Employees with time off accruals will have access to the My Time Off  mobile dashboard widget in addition to their Schedule widget. 

From this widget, users can swipe left and right to view their balances for each of their assigned accrual policies. Users can also create a new time off request from the widget. 

Accrual PolicyThe name of the accrual policy. Users can swipe left or right to view the other earning types in the carousel.
Current BalanceThe current number of hours available to use for the designated accrual policy. 
Total AccruedThe total number of hours accrued for the designated accrual policy.  
As of DateThe balances shown reflect the balances as of the date shown. 
New Time Off Request ButtonTap to create a new time off request using the balance from the selected accrual policy.

Read more about requesting time off using accrual policies, click here

My Time Off Screen

From the Time Off screen, users can view all their assigned accrual policies and balances as well as create a new Time Off Request. 

Users can access the My Time Off screen by tapping the My Time Off widget from the dashboard or by selecting My Time Off from under Schedule in the mobile navigation menu. 

My Time Off Dashboard Widget
Mobile Navigation Menu

My Time Off 

Accrual Policy CardA single assigned accrual policy. Each accrual policy card has the following information:
  • Accrual policy name
  • Current balance in hours
  • Total hours accrued
  • As of date
New RequestTap the new request icon  on any card to create a time off request using the associated time off policy.
+New Time Off RequestTap to create a new time off request. When this button is selected, users will have to select an accrual type.

Learn more about entering new time off request using accruals, here