This article is part of Time Off Accruals and covers reviewing and approving time off requests made using time off accruals in the R365 App

When Time Off Accruals is enabled, the Time Off Request details screen will have an additional section for review. Like standard time off requests, requests made using Time Off Accruals can be found on the Time Off tab of the Requests screen, which can be accessed by tapping the time off icon  from the bottom tab bar.


Reviewing Requests: Standard Time Off vs Time Off Accruals

Reviewing a time off request made using Time Accruals differs from the standard time off request in the following two ways:

  • The time off type lists the selected accrual policy
  • Managers must review the hours summary

Time Off Type

The time off type listed beneath the employee name is the name of the accrual policy that the employees hours will be deducted from.

Reviewing the Hours Summary

When a time off request is submitted using a Time Off accrual, managers must review the hours summary before approving or denying the request. The hours summary has the following information:

  • Current Balance - The current balance of hours that the employee has accrued for the accrual policy selected.
  • Requested Hours - The number of paid hours that the employee is requesting across the dates selected. 
  • Remaining Balance - The number of hours that will remain for the accrual policy balance once the requested hours are deducted. 

Important Notes About Time Off Requests Using Accruals

Employees Assigned to Multiple Locations

For employees assigned to multiple locations, time off request actions will apply to all locations that the user is associated with. 

  • Submitted Requests - When a time off request is submitted, it is automatically submitted to all restaurant locations that the user is associated with. Managers will only see the requests of the locations that they are assigned to.
  • Approval/Denial - When a request is approved or denied by a manager from a single location, it will be approved/denied for all locations.

Max Daily Hours

The max number of PTO hours that can be credited per day is 8 hours. This means that when 'All-day' is selected, or when the number of hours selected for a 24 hour day exceeds 8,  the amount per day requested will be capped at 8. If the amount of hours selected for a day is less than 8, then the calculated number of hours will be requested. 

Managers should ensure that both the dates and hours requested are reviewed before approving or denying a request. 

Negative Balances

Some accrual polices will allow the existence of negative balances. When negative balances are allowed, the balance reflected in the remaining balance will be shown in red with a negative symbol.

Managers will be required to confirm the approval of a time off request that will result in a negative hours balance.