This article covers the Prep Sheet report.

The Prep Sheet is a report that gives restaurants suggestions for prep. 

The Prep Sheet uses the average PMIX usage of the same business day for the last four weeks (excluding 0s) to calculate a suggested total quantity of items needed for the business day.  The Prep Sheet sorts items by prep categories and displays what items need to be prepped and how much of each item should be prepped.  This report can be printed and used in the restaurant. 

This article covers the following topics:

Report Prerequisites

The Prep Sheet will only list items that have been set to appear on the report that are also linked to a menu item or used in a recipe linked to a menu item. Click a link below to learn more:

To access the Prep Sheet report, first navigate to My Reports by clicking My Reports under Reports from the left navigation menu. Use the search bar to search for Prep Sheet or click the Recipe & Theo tab and locate Prep Sheet on the list.

Click Run next to Prep Sheet to run the default view or Customize to run a customized view of the report.

Report Parameters

LocationSelect the location that the prep sheet is going to be run for. The items that appear will be prep sheet items associated with the location selected. Only one location can be selected.
As Of DateThe date that the prep sheet is being run for. The prep suggestions calculated will be for the date selected.  Users can select today, yesterday, or click the calendar to select a specific date from the same week. 
Show Shelf LifeElect whether to include the items' shelf life on the report. This column is informational only and does not impact prep suggestion calculations.

The default setting is No.

When set to yes, the prep sheet will show an additional column labeled Shelf Life, which will include the shelf life information assigned to the item on the purchased item record or recipe record. 
Select CategoriesIndicate which prep categories to include on the report. The default setting is all
RoundingElect whether or not to round calculated values to the nearest whole number.
  • When Whole Numbers is selected, values will round to the nearest whole number.
  • When No Rounding is selected, values will display as decimals. 
View OptionsProvides the user with options to select, save, edit, or delete a report view.
For more information about these controls, see My Reports: Using My Reports.
RunGenerates the report.
The green arrow button opens a drop-down from which users can Export, Email, or Print the report.

Prep Sheet Report

LocationThe location that the prep sheet is for.
DateThe date for the suggested prep information. 
Prep CategoryItems are grouped into prep category. Prep categories are sorted by alphabetical order.

Prep categories are assigned to the item on the Purchased Item Record Settings Tab. Users can create and manage prep categories from the Prep Settings sidesheet. To learn more about prep categories, click here.
Item NameThe name of the item to prep. 
Prep UofM NameThe unit of measure assigned to the item for prep purposes. For purchased items, this is set on the purchased item record. For recipes, this is set on the recipe record. 
Shelf LifeWhen shelf life days are entered on the purchased item or recipe record, the field information will appear here.

Purchased Item Record

Recipe Record

Shelf life values are informational only and do not impact prep suggestion calculations. 
Prep SuggestionThe number of units that the system suggests should be prepped.
On HandThis column will be empty and available for employees to manually complete. 
To PrepThis column will be empty and available for employees to manually complete.