This article is part of Task Management and covers task assignments.

Tasks can be assigned to one or multiple specific users or user roles. When assigned to a task, the selected user(s) or the user(s) with the selected user role will be responsible for completing the task. 

Only users with the following permission can assign tasks to users:

Administration → Task Management   Tasks   Assign/Unassign Other Users to Tasks

When assigned a task, users will receive a notification that indicates who assigned them the task, the task that has been assigned, and when the task is due. Users can make changes to their method of notification from the R365 notification settings. 


Assign a Task

Tasks can be assigned upon creation of the task or from the Tasks page. 

From Task Creation

When creating a task, add a user role or user to the Assignee box by clicking the drop down and making the appropriate selection(s). Once the Guide is saved, the user(s) will be notified. 

From the Task Page

Inline Editing

From the Tasks page, locate the guide task that needs a user assigned. Click the Assignee column field. Key in the user's name/user role name, or search for the assignee in the assignee selector. Make a selection. The assignee(s) will then be listed in the Assignee column, and the assigned user(s) will be notified.

Task Sheet

From the Tasks page, click a task that needs a user assigned. This will open the task sidesheet, where the Assignee field can be edited. Add the user(s) or user role(s) to the task. Once the task is closed, the assignee(s) will be listed in the Assignee column, and the assigned user(s will be notified. 

Task Notifications

When a user is assigned to the task, they will be notified that they have a task assignment in the Smart Ops notifications. To access the notifications, click the bell icon  in the top right hand corner of the screen.

The notification will be listed in the Notifications pop out.  Users will see the following information:

  • User that assigned the task
  • Task name
  • Task due date/time
  • Time of notification
  • Location


Users will always get a notification in the Smart Ops notification center about assigned tasks. However, users can also elect to receive their notifications through different methods from the notification center.

Edit Task Notifications

To edit task management notifications, follow these steps:

Click the bell icon in the top right corner of the screen.
From the Notifications box, click the option menu icon.
From the dropdown, click Notification Settings
From the options, select Task Management.
Check and uncheck the boxes to toggle on or off a specific method of notification. Users can select from the following:
  •  Push - Sends a push notification through the R365 app.  
  • Email -  Sends an email notification to the email associated with the account. 
  • SMS - Sends a text message notification to the phone number associated with the account.

Once changes are made, click Save to save the notification settings.