The Operational Analysis Reports allow a User to track and compare sales from different locations in order to strengthen his/her current operations.  


To access My Reports, click on the 'My Reports' Tab in any module. When the main Reports screen opens, it will default to your 'Favorites', or any report that you previously starred. Hover over and click 'Op. Analysis' on the header; this will then display all of the Operational Analysis Reports. 

Make one of these reports a favorite by clicking the Star icon to the left of the report name and it will be saved as a favorite in the 'Favorites' tab.

Security and Report Access

Operational Analysis Reports can be accessed by Users who have been given Report Roles by their system administrator. 

If you aren't able to view these reports, it's most likely because you don't have security access. Speak with your system administrator to give you access to running or viewing these reports. 


Employees vs Guest Count Chart - Compares the amount of Staff to the amount of Customers in a given date range. These charts can be beneficial in making sure enough Staff is scheduled during peak times.

Flash Report - Summarizes information based on a single day's performance in one or more Location(s). All of the information from the Daily Sales Summary flows through this report as well as historical information and Labor numbers.

Location Comparison - Compares certain operation values on the P&L Report from two or more restaurant Locations. 

Location Sales and Reg Labor - Runs the Sales and Labor as of a specified day compared to the same day last year.

Location Vital Signs - Runs the Sales, Cost of Goods Sold, and Labor against the budgets set for each of them and displays the results in separate bar graphs. This is a great visual to see how far along these key parts are in comparison to their priorly assigned budgets.

Operations Overview - Provides another version of the Flash Report and includes all of the Sales, Labor, and Comps / Discounts details for a specified date compared to the Current Week, Period, and Year.

Operations Scorecard - Provides another version of the Flash Report and shows the Gross Sales by week for specified Locations. This report compares the Gross Sales, Net Sales, Guest Count, Current to Prior Year, Labor, COGS, and Promotions / Redemptions, which can provide an all-around look into the Operations for one or more Location(s).

Sales and Labor Breakout - Breaks down Sales and Labor into different categories from the POS integration and can compare multiple Locations.

Weekly Log - Displays all of the Deposits, Paid Outs, and Exceptions for a selected week to make sure that all funds are justified at each Location.

Weekly Review - Location - Breaks down the details of one Location's weekly Sales and can be compared to past weeks to see the Sales trajectory.