Statistical Accounts are non-financial accounts that can be created and maintained in R365 to track Operational data. Since Stat Accounts do not post to the General Ledger, entries can be made to them in both open and closed periods

Future enhancements will enable this process to be more automated, but for now, Users can only update Stat Account data via the Import Tool. Click here to learn how to set up a Statistical Account.

Importing Data

Stat Accounts can be updated via the Journal Entry Import window. After creating a Stat Account record, enter all of the necessary Stat Account data into the Journal Entry Import Template. Then, in Restaurant365, hover over 'Account' in the top ribbon and click 'Import Journal Entry' to open and import your Stat Account data. 

  • Note: Since these accounts do not post to the General Ledger, you will have one-sided entries. Therefore, a debit to the account will increase the account balance and a Credit will decrease the account balance.