The Jobs listing includes all Jobs created, which can be filtered by Job Title, Location, Status, and more. From this screen, all details that correspond to a Job posting can be edited, refreshed, shared, and marked as closed.

The Jobs listing is located in the Recruiting module, which can be opened by clicking the Restaurant365 logo in the top ribbon. 

Jobs Listing

1) Add a New Job - This will enable the User to create a new Job

2) Job Statuses - This will filter the Jobs by their status, which include:

  • Active - Jobs that are posted immediately to the Careers Page and sent to the external job boards
  • Refresh- Jobs that are available to be refreshed on the job boards, promoting it to the top of the job listings
    • Note: A red dot next to this Status tab shows that at least one Job posting needs to be refreshed. Click here to learn how to refresh a Job posting
  • Closed - Jobs that are now removed from the job boards and the Careers Page
  • Draft - Jobs that have a status of 'Pending'
  • Passive - Jobs that have a status of 'Accepting for future openings' 

3) Search Bar - This will filter the Jobs by the search term entered

4) Job Title - The title of the Job. This can be reorganized alphanumerically 

5) Refresh In - This lists the amount of days left before a Job needs to be refreshed. Jobs should be refreshed every 30 days to remain on all necessary Jobs boards. Click here to learn how to refresh a Job posting

6) Location - The Location of the Job Posting

7) Actions - These buttons enable the User to edit, share, or close a Job posting

8) Job Row Menu -This menu allows the User to complete any of the following actions for individual Jobs:

  • View Profile - This will open the Job Profile, which displays statistics surrounding Applicants in the Hiring Process, an Applicant Flow Summary Chart for a selected date range, Applicant Sources, and Activity surrounding this Job posting
  • Preview Posting - This will display a preview of the posting on the Career's Page 

9) Filters Pane - This pane will filter the Jobs grid based on the selected criteria