Writing clear, engaging Job postings can help bring in more Applicants. In order to help you create the most engaging content, ensure that you:

  • Use clear, straightforward Job Titles
  • Make Job Descriptions easy to read
  • Sell the Opportunity

Use Clear, Straightforward Job Titles

Data shows that shorter Job Titles secure higher application rates. Additionally, the best Job Titles use relevant keywords that Applicants are likely to enter into search engines, such as Indeed. While short and specific Job Titles are the best route to go, ensure that these titles are not overly unique to the point where job seekers become confused.

Make Job Descriptions Easy to Read

Job Descriptions should be clear, concise, and scannable to the reader, so avoid listing every Job requirement and detail about your Restaurant Organization. Here are some guidelines:

  • Limit Job Descriptions to 300-800 words (jobs of this length have the highest apply rates)
  • List 3-4 qualifications
  • State 5-10 of the most important Job responsibilities and/or requirements
  • Clearly state the key objectives or outcomes for this position
  • Break up text with bullet points and subheadings for easy readability
  • Use action words to keep blocks of text engaging

Sell the Opportunity

Top notch Candidates have a lot of options, so it is extremely important to point out all of the great reasons why the Applicant would want to join your Restaurant Organization in the Job Description. Data shows that mentioning benefits in Job Descriptions highly motivates Candidates to apply. Top Candidates are mostly interested in training, advancement opportunities, health benefits, and your Organization's values. It is best to portray these to your Candidates up front to provide a well-rounded view of the position and your Restaurant Organization.