R365 Hire FAQs

How do I write an effective Job posting?
Writing clear, engaging Job postings can help bring in more Applicants. In order to help you create the most engagin...
Are my R365HIRE and Workforce login credentials the same?
R365 HIRE and Workforce each have different login credentials. Users will have separate credentials for each.
Can I track my Careers Page?
Tracking pixels are snippets of code that are provided by your Marketing or Advertising Agency that can give you ins...
How can Applicant data be removed from R365 Hire?
Applicants can request to have their data removed from R365 Hire at any time to protect their information. Below det...
Can I access the applicant assessments?
To access the applicants' Personality and Math & Verbal assessments, Users can create a test applicant. This...
Why do I see 2 additional I-9 and W-4 forms assigned to applicants?
The additional I-9and W-4 forms located under 'Single Assign Forms' are only to be used after an employee ha...
My applicants completed their paperwork, why is the onboarding bar still blank?
If the applicant has completed their necessary paperwork, but the Onboarding bar is still blank, it is likely that t...
Why does my 'Tasks' tab say '(No Tasks Assigned)'?
If the 'Tasks' tab says '(No Tasks Assigned),' the correct Manager may not be assigned to the approp...
Can I transfer additional documents to Payroll after exporting the applicant?
The Payroll information from the Onboarding module will export to Payroll. All attached documents transfer during th...
Should I cancel my existing Indeed subcription?
No, existing Indeed subscriptions do not need to be cancelled.  To post jobs through R365 with an existing Indee...