Applicants can request to have their data removed from R365 Hire at any time to protect their information. Below details the process of having Applicant information deleted from the system.

Step 1: The Applicant Contacts R365 Support

The Applicant should contact R365 Support in order to put in a request to remove their personal information from R365 Hire. The following information should be included in the request:

  • Subject - 'Remove Applicant Data from R365 Hire'
  • Database - The Company/Restaurant that received the application
  • Category - 'Operations'
  • Description - A detailed summary of the request and the following:
    • The email address used on the application
    • The Company/Restaurant's name and location where the Applicant applied
  • Requester - The email address used on the application

Step 2: R365 Support Submits Request

R365 Support will submit a deletion request with the Product Team and await confirmation of data deletion.

Step 3: R365 Support Confirms the Deletion

Once the request has been fulfilled by the Product Team, R365 Support will contact the Applicant to confirm that their information was removed from R365 Hire.