Labor FAQs

How can I get Labor Accruals into R365?
If your employees use your POS system to punch in and out of their shifts, you should be able to import Labor Punche...
How do I send employees a message?
There are two primary ways to send your Employees a message:  You can use our Employee Messaging feature to send o...
How do I remove a former employee from R365?
Former Employee records should remain in R365 for reporting purposes and should not be deleted. However, you are abl...
How can an Employee Mobile App User personalize their password?
If you use the R365 Red App for Scheduling, your Employees can log in from their personal devices to view schedule i...
How do I add an employee note?
For the answer to this question, see the Employee Note Tab section of "Employee Record".
How do I delete a Job in R365?
Due to the fact that Job Titles can be tied to historical data, R365 does not allow for Jobs to be deleted.  How...
How do I update the labor data on my DSS?
If you need to repoll your POS system, you can simply delete your DSS file, and R365 will automatically reimport bot...
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