Workforce General & Setup

Workforce Settings
This article is part of the R365 Payroll release.  The Settings page is where currently-configured settings...
Workforce - HR Support Center
The HR Support Center is part of R365 Payroll.  The HR Support Center takes the guesswork out of HR and com...
Workforce Documents: Overview
This article reviews the 'Documents' page for Workforce. Here, Users can view, add, and delete HR Document...
Workforce: Time Off
This article reviews the Time Off page within Workforce. Here, Users can add, review, approve, and decline PTO Reque...
Workforce Documents: Signed Documents Folder
This article reviews the Signed Documents folder within the Documents page for Workforce. Here, Users can manage upl...
Workforce: Salaried Employees
This article reviews the Payroll process for Salaried Employees within Workforce.  Within Workforce, any Employe...
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