The HR Support Center is part of R365 Payroll. 

The HR Support Center takes the guesswork out of HR and compliance. Users will have access to a collection of HR resources to assist in keeping your organization on track, including: 

HR Compliance LibraryProactive HR To-DosHR Assessment
Job Description LibrarySalary CompareBenefits Document Creator
Employee Training CoursesCompliance CalendarOSHA Log


Users with the following Security Roles will have full access to the HR Center:

  • Full Access (Primary)
  • Payroll Clerk (Secondary)


To access the HR Support Center, navigate to R365 Payroll, then click 'HR Support Center'. This will open the HR Support Center in a new tab.


The Dashboard is the landing page when first logging in to the HR Center. This page contains HR-related news, quick links to pages that the User has marked as 'Favorite', and a to-do list. 

HR Compliance

The HR Compliance page contains 'Law Alerts' and a searchable listing of federal and state laws.

Company Policies

The Company Policies page allows Users to create and edit a 'Company Handbook'.


The Safety page contains the 'Safety Content Library' for training and an 'OSHA Log' tool for filing OSHA forms.


The 'Training' page contains training content organized by subject. This page also allows Users to create and track 'Training Tracks'.

HR Tools

The 'HR Tools' page contains content builders and HR calculators, including:

  • Job Description Builder
  • Benefits Document Creator
  • ACA Calculator
  • Salary Comparison Tool
  • Minimum Wage Map


The 'Templates' page is where Users can create custom forms, letters, and documents using a variety of templates and ready-to-use content for a wide range of policy topics. This page includes a library of customizable forms, letters, policies, and toolkits.


The 'Resources' page contains a wealth of Q&A articles, videos, webinars, guides, charts, and checklists for a wide range of policy topics.

Additional Documentation

The HR Center is powered by Mineral. Additional support documentation for the HR Center can be found here