Tracking pixels are snippets of code that are provided by your Marketing or Advertising Agency that can give you insights into Applicant conversion rates from your Careers Page. When you provide R365 with these tracking pixels, R365 can implement them on for you so that your Marketing Agency can analyze data on job seeker visits to your Careers page.

It is important to note the following:

  • Tracking pixels can only be added to the following pages on your Careers Page:
    • Account page - The main Careers Page
    • Jobs page - The page that lists all open Jobs
    • Apply page - The page that lists the details of a Job
    • Thanks page - The page where the Applicant lands immediately after applying to one of the listed Jobs
    • Edit page - The page an Applicant will land if additional forms are required to be completed as part of the application process
  • Your Marketing/Advertising Agency will generate the tracking pixel
  • Other common types of tracking pixels include:
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter

Why should I track my Careers Page usage?

Tracking your Careers Page through tracking pixels can give your Restaurant Organization important information about the visitors to your Careers Page and job seeker behavior on your site. In analyzing this behavior and your jobs' conversion rates, a pixel can then help you increase Sales and better measure your marketing efforts.

For example, if you place a tracking pixel on the Job page, Apply page, and Thank-You page, you can get insight into Applicant conversion versus drop-off. This gives you valuable information about your Job postings and application process by helping you determine what is most appealing to Applicants.

How do I add a tracking pixel?

Tracking pixels can only be added to the five pages listed above and cannot be added by individual Users. To add a tracking pixel, you will need to contact your Coach/CSM or R365 Support and provide the tracking pixel and the page names that each pixel should be included on.