This is a part of the GL Allocation Template feature. Click here to learn more about the GL Allocation Templates.

The Allocation Calculator enables Users to see a preview of the Journal Entry created from the corresponding Allocation Template. When clicked, the preview will open in a screen within the modal/sidesheet.

Allocation Calculator

The Allocation Calculator preview will display on a new screen within the modal or sidesheet, depending on whether this is opened within a new template or a saved template, respectively. This can assist in determining whether accounts or allocation percentages need to be adjusted.

1) Source Account Balance - This field acts as the debit amount for the Journal Entry. It is defaulted to have a value of $365.00 but can be manually updated to show the credit amount breakdown based on allocation percentages

2) Search Bar - This will search the GL Account name and debit/credit columns for the values entered

3) Account - The GL Account name and number

4) Debit - The Source Account's debited amount

5) Credit - The credit amount broken down by the amount percentage designated for each Destination Account

6) Location - The Location tied to the GL Account

7) Comment - The comment entered for the GL Account

8) Back - This will return back to the template builder view