A Preset Allocation is a list of GL Accounts and their Locations that a transaction amount can be spread to when it is applied to an AP Invoice or Standard Journal Entry. The amount spread is based on the allocation percentage noted for each GL Account on the Preset Allocation record. Preset Allocations can be built, maintained, and enabled for transactions from the Preset Allocations page.

When creating a new transaction, Users can choose from a list of the Preset Allocations and enter in the amount to be distributed, all from the transaction's 'Details' grid. 


The Permissions listed here are associated with Preset Allocations. These Permissions can be added to Custom User Roles or single Users. Learn more about managing Permissions and Custom User Roles here.


Preset Allocation Permissions are found in the Permission Tree as follows:

  • General Ledger
    • Allocations
      • Preset Allocations
        • View Preset Allocations
        • Edit Preset Allocations
        • Create Preset Allocations
        • Enable Preset Allocations
        • Delete Preset Allocations

The Permission Access report can be used to determine which User Roles or Users already have these Permissions assigned.


Learn more about User Setup and Security here.


Preset Allocations can be created and are housed in the Preset Allocations page, which can be opened by clicking 'Preset Allocations' under 'Administration' in the Accounting module.

Preset Allocations Page

Users can view and edit all existing Allocations as well as create new Preset Allocations from the Preset Allocations page. Each column listed on this page can be sorted by clicking the arrow icon next to the column title.

1) Search Bar - This will filter the listing for the values entered

2) Allocation ID - The auto-generated ID for the Preset Allocation

3) Allocation Name - The name of the Preset Allocation

4) Status - The status of the Allocation. Options include:

  • Active
  • Inactive

5) Last Edited By - The last User who edited the Allocation

6) Last Edited On - The date that the last User edited the Allocation

7) + New Allocation Button - This will create a new Preset Allocation

8) Settings - This will open a sidesheet that includes the types of transactions that can have Preset Allocations enabled for them. To enable or disable Preset Allocations for AP Invoices, Standard Journal Entries, or both, simply check or uncheck, respectively, the desired enable transaction box in this sidesheet

Grid Actions

From the grid, Allocations can be selected and then either marked as 'Active/Inactive' or deleted as needed. Click here to learn more about marking an Allocation as 'Active/Inactive'.

Preset Allocations: Create and Edit an Allocation

Build out Preset Allocations for AP Invoices and/or Journal Entries that need to have an expense spread from one account to another. Click here to learn how to create and edit a Preset Allocation.

Preset Allocations: Use an Allocation

Preset Allocations can be put in use directly from the AP Invoice and Standard Journal Entry forms. Click here to learn more about using a Preset Allocation.

Preset Allocations: Mark as '(In)Active'

Update the status of a Preset Allocation to 'Active' or 'Inactive' from either the Preset Allocations page or the desired Preset Allocation form. Click here to learn more about marking an Allocation as '(In)Active'.